Grant Application 2019-2020

May 1 Grant Applications due

June 2, 6:30 PM  Granting Adventures Reception  Indian Springs Golf Course

Scroll down to review the impressive array of projects and efforts that CVEF is supporting for 2018-2019. Now in our tenth year of "granting adventures," we have funded 85 grants, totaling $115,000. 

Our grants application and award cycle runs every year from March – when we start accepting grant applications, which are due no later than May 1 – to our Grants Reception in June. The reception is the formal awarding and recognition for that year's grantees.

It is worth noting that a number of CVEF grants have become programs, projects and efforts embedded in the community. These include the community choir (read an article about them here), Kalmia Gardens concert series, recycling program at the Durham Fair, and the community Go-Far-Go-Fast running events.


DURHAM MIDDLEFIELD YOUTH AND FAMILY SERVICES (DMYFS)   ADVENTURES IN CARDBOARD ... SHARING THE SEA    A program to encourage creativity by having youth build sea-themed cardboard projects, while learning about the sea and the preservation of our waterways.

LEVI E. COE LIBRARY  PRESERVING MEMORIES    A program to teach local patrons how to preserve their precious memories, including the use of a portable scanner with instructions on how to accomplish this. 

REGIONAL SCHOOL DISTRICT #13. DURHAM-MIDDLEFIELD WELLNESS COALITION (DMYFS) AND THE INDEPENDENT DAY SCHOOL (IDS)  PARENT EDUCATION SERIES.    Four parent education presentations focused on the topics of anxiety/depression/mental health, digital safety, drugs and alcohol, and wellness.

LEVI E. COE LIBRARY   CELEBRATING LEVI E. COE LIBRARY'S 125TH ANNIVERSARY    Special programming related to the 19th century, including "Dressing from Corset to Gloves" and "The World of Rare Books."

NEW HORIZONS DOMESTIC VIOLENCE SERVICES  TRAIN THE TRAINER: BE AN ADVOCATE    A series of informational and training sessions to increase awareness and recognition of domestic violence in our communities.

DURHAM LIBRARY   ARTS WORKSHOP SERIES    Bringing professional art educators to the Durham Public Library for a series of art workshops including photography, drawing, and art appreciation.

AMY SCHAEFER AND TINA HURLBURT   TAKE A HIKE.    A hiking program for women 16+ years old to teach and empower women to feel comfortable, safe, and independent hiking in CT.

Complete Streets Durham CT, Walk Our Town. Creating a “Walk Our Town” program to encourage pedestrians to explore Main Street, Durham by creating a walking map with directions and a description to different destinations.

COMPLETE STREETS DURHAM CT   WALK OUR TOWN.    Creating a "Walk Our Town" program to encourage pedestrians to explore Main Street, Durham by creating a walking map with directions and a description to different destinations.

MIDDLEFIELD SENIOR CENTER   MUSIC IN MIDDLEFIELD    A series of musical performances for seniors in Middlefield to provide fun and to stimulate conversation that could lead to the recollection and sharing of memories.



JUNIOR PRODUCTION TEAM   PAPERHOUSE PRODUCTIONS    New portable sound system will allow youth theater company (grades 5-12) to expand performances to the greater Durham/Middlefield community.

WRITERS WORKSHOP SERIES   DURHAM PUBLIC LIBRARY & PALS    Following up on successful writers’ lectures, offer series of three participatory workshops on novel writing, memoir writing & children’s literature. 

3D WESTERN MULTIMEDIA PROJECT   ELLEN SMITH AHEARN    Second half of a project begun in Wyoming that will result in multimedia installation combining dance, film & storytelling. Result will depict landscape of the two and our connection to it. 

SUGARLOAF KNOWLEDGE NETWORK   MIDDLEFIELD HOUSING AUTHORITY    Monthly educational & recreational workshops open to Sugarloaf residents and other Middlefield seniors. Build mutual support & sense of community among seniors.

SAVE THE BATS!   MEMORIAL SCHOOL    Fifth graders will research bats and importance to ecosystem,  build bat houses & then sell them as fundraiser to sustain project going forward.

BUILDING OUR WAY TO CREATING & LEARNING  DISTRICT 13    Keva Plank sets will be utilized as a tool for k-4 students to increase engagement as well as integrate STEM concepts in all subject areas.

YOUR WILD NEIGHBORHOOD   DART    Run seminar & provide other materials, including social media outlets, to educate residents on safe ways to help wildlife in our communities.

MAKERSPACE CONCEPTS   STRONG SCHOOL    Circuitry, Keva Planks and Robotics will be the foundation of a Makerspace to be housed in the Strong School LMC. Materials will be available for after school sessions and eventually open to community participation.

BIKE/PEDESTRIAN PUBLIC SAFETY EDUCATION   DURHAM COMPLETE STREETS ACTION GROUP    Create public awareness campaign to promote bike & pedestrian safety in Durham; how to be safe on local roads. 

COMMUNITY CHOIR, PART DEUX   LISA LARSEN    Purchase equipment & materials to complete essential materials for 80+-member choir as it enters second phase, following a very successful first concert.

BORROW A NATURE PACK   LEVI COE LIBRARY    Encourage more outside exploration by providing backpacks for children & adults to take with them on hikes. Will include binoculars, compass, bug magnifier, journal, field guides. 

EVERYONE OUTSIDE IN DURHAM & MIDDLEFIELD   LUCY MEIGS    Continue to promote health & environmental stewardship by recruiting & educating mentors to help organization connect more children & people with natural world. 

CONNECTIONS THROUGH PUZZLES   BRONWYN COMMINS    Using jigsaw puzzles in schools and other community-based environments to build confidence, relieve anxiety and promote interpersonal skills & connections – all without the use of technology.


View a summary of all CVEF grants here.